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Need: The Landrys Book One



The things I’ve seen, the things I’ve lived through, left me with scars, both physical and mental. I was closed off to people, not wanting to make attachments that I knew would break. I had friends and someone I considered family, but I didn’t let myself need anyone. Then, there he was. I felt high when I was with him and like nothing could touch me. It was a crazy, insane, have me committed type of situation.


Growing up with five siblings and awesome parents, I knew what love and support was. I was surrounded in it. I listened to my mom explain to us that we would find the one, and I believed her. I believed in love. I just didn’t realize it would happen so soon. Then, there she was. I knew right away she was my one. I needed her, but would she let herself need me?

First time to read this author and I must say I was blown away!! It sucked me in from the very beginning! So much emotion and indecision! Loved how the characters had a way of absorbing you! So much passion!! Fantastic book!!

Truth: The Landrys Book Two

I was an awkward hot mess all day every day. I wasn't good at peopling. I kept my interactions with others to a minimum, but sometimes it was unavoidable like the time I met him. He made me feel like I wasn't as weird as I've always felt I was. I came alive around him. A simple touch and I was shivering in the best possible way with intense, unfamiliar feelings. He demanded truth from me, but I was afraid to reveal that much of myself.

I owned my own tattoo shop with one of my brothers, leaving my mark on people's skin daily. I've encountered diverse types of people. I met her, and she was by far my favorite brand of different. I was mesmerized by her. Her honesty and innocence called to me. When I was with her, I couldn't stop myself from touching her. I wanted her, all of her. I gave her my truth and asked for hers in return. The question was, would she give it to me?

Needing More: The Landrys Book Two Point Five

When I told Ryker I needed him, I left myself bare, vulnerable in a way I never allowed myself to be. I was rewarded for my openness and honesty. He was the sexiest and most incredible man I knew and loved. Things were happening and changing quickly, and I was left needing more with Ryker. I didn’t know how I felt about that, but I would have to figure it out fast.

I thought having Bailey trust me enough to need me was the most precious gift I was given. She was the most beautiful and amazing woman I knew and loved. Then, I found out I could have more. Our lives were evolving rapidly, and I was left needing more with Bailey. Would we be able to accept needing more from each other and take our love to another level?


Give: The Landrys Book Three


Something was taken from me, something I didn’t want to give. I focused on my responsibilities and nothing else until I met him. He was a contradiction I never anticipated. I wrapped myself up tighter refusing to give anything away again, but there he was. I missed him so much I felt as though I was breathing after weeks of shallow inhales. He wanted me to give him something I didn’t believe I could ever give, but could I do it for him?



I thought I had it all, a loving family, a career I enjoyed, and great friends until I met her. She was the missing piece who completed my world, but I lost her before I truly had her. She stole my breath the first time I saw her, but she took more than that the second time around. I gave her everything I had to offer and wanted the same from her, but would she give for me?

Byte - Cover Logo.png

Byte: Makers of Death MC Book Zero Point Five


I lived a solitary life surrounded by my computers. With my safety compromised, I left my home. Then, I was left stranded with a broken car and no cell service. Every scary scenario went through my head when a hot biker stopped to offer help. Not thinking about it too much, I hopped on the back of his bike.


The Makers of Death MC were my family, one built on trust and loyalty. I lived hard and rough with no regrets. I rolled with the punches life threw at me, but nothing compared to the woman I found stranded on the side of the road. When she climbed on the back of my bike, I knew I had to keep her there for the rest of my life.

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Whatever's on tap: Left Turner Series Book One

Sometimes things don’t work the way anyone plans. Sometimes the people you rely on the most, leave you flailing and floundering, unable to find your footing. Evyn learned this lesson the hard way and is determined to never make the same mistakes again. In the past, her trust was broken, and it forced her to find her own way. But now, he makes her question her own convictions, tempting her to do exactly what she said she would never do again.
When someone threatens her, will she trust him enough to protect her?

Life is a series of ups and downs with a few turnabouts thrown in to make it interesting. Jaxson is no stranger to the harsh realities of the world, but he has also found a few adventures along the way. On his own for a long time, he enjoys being a bartender. Talking to people has always come easy for him, especially women... except for her. He no longer wants whatever’s on tap, craving just her.
With her safety and security in jeopardy, he is determined to shield and defend her, but will she have enough faiths in him?

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